“Growing” interest of US companies for investment in Algeria

“Growing” interest of US companies for investment in Algeria

US Ambassador to Algiers, John P. Desrocher has expressed the “growing interest” of US companies for investment in Algeria, many of which have submitted applications for membership of the Algerian-American Chamber trade to access the local market.


During an animated press conference at the American pavilion on the sidelines of the 52nd edition of the International Fair of Algiers (FIA), Mr. Desrocher indicated that this event, which appears among “the main economic events on the continental level”, constitutes an opportunity for American companies to publicize their products and get closer to their Algerian counterparts to enter into partnerships and exchange expertise.

In this context, he pointed out that the American flag of the FIA ​​2019 highlights the diversity of the Algerian-American economic societies in various fields, indicating that the American companies participating in this event are activating in the sectors of energy, energy and energy. agriculture, education, services, agri-food and beverages.

In 2018, the value of trade between Algeria and the United States has reached nearly $ 5 billion, he said, saying “optimistic” about the future of Algerian-American trade relations.

US companies, which were primarily interested in the hydrocarbon sector, are currently interested in other sectors in Algeria, such as agriculture, information and communication technologies (ICTs), benefits and health, “the Algerian market being a promising market”.

Trade relations between Algeria and the United States, which are “in constant development”, have achieved many successes in several sectors in the four corners of Algeria, said the ambassador.

Mr. Desrocher said that his country was keen to strengthen these partnerships in collaboration with Algerian companies to develop “stronger” economic relations, adding he called on investors to “study carefully the Algerian market”.

“I have personally seen the great capabilities of the Algerian market and the predisposition of the Algerian business world to growth,” he added, stressing the need “to adopt openness, dynamism and innovation, this being a key to a better economic future for Algeria “.

For his part, the President of the Algerian-American Business Council (USABC), Smail Chikhoun said that US Small and Medium-sized Enterprises are the ones who are most interested in investing in Algeria.

In addition, Mr. Chikhoun revealed the conclusion “next” of an Algerian-American partnership in Goléa in the field of agriculture and cattle breeding, adding that other investments are planned in the pharmaceutical field.

source of information :http://www.aps.dz/economie/90916-interet

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